As a leading company in the field of high-pressure pumps for waterjet cutting, BFT – Best Fluid Technology – is your contact for innovative ready-to-use solutions.

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“JETRON® offers everything you need for efficient waterjet cutting – and much more.”

Up to three pumps in one system – the first choice for outstanding performance in waterjet cutting.

The JETRON® series was designed based on the established ECOTRON®+ series. In addition to all the basic functions of its base model, the JETRON® series is even more compact, energy-efficient and powerful.


  • Because they are adjusted to the requirements of European companies.
  • Because they are designed taking into consideration a responsible treatment of our resources.
  • Because they are easy to service and all common metrical tools match.
  • Because they meet European standards and quality expectations.

Even more power and efficiency

The JETRON® series operates in the power classes of 37 kW or 45 kW with up to 4.3 l/min flow rate at an operating pressure of 4,000 bar. However, the possibility of connecting up to three pumps enables flow rates of up to 12.9 l/min – without a higher-level control system.

BFT high-pressure pumps have the best pressure signal on the market thanks to an accumulator with up to 2.49 l. JETRON® pumps take it even further than that: SYDFEE drive hydraulics almost completely prevent pressure fluctuations. Shock absorbers for cover bonnets as well as a HD/ND/LD terminal strip provide additional sway reduction.

Technical details JETRON®
Driving power 37 or 45 kW
Permissible operating pressure, max. 4,000 bar
Feed rate 11.4 or 12.9 l/min

The product advantages at a glance

Switching the water jet on and off without overshooting and with even lower pressure drops

Up to three pumps in a joint network possible

Integrated proportional valve allows two different pressure settings at the same time

High ease of maintenance thanks to easily accessible, individually replaceable components

All important functions can be controlled remotely with client connection

Preventive maintenance

As an option, you can connect each one of our high-pressure pumps to the mains and thus have it maintained by us via remote control without any further effort.

Simple control

Electronic control with meaningful extras as standard

  • Colour touch display for easy operation
  • All warning and monitoring functions appear in plain text
  • Operating data are recorded and can be called up via the display
  • Available in many languages
  • Stepless pressure setting from 500 to 4,000 bar

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