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Waterjet technology has evolved substantially since its inception: By 1870 water jetting was already used to extract gold. But it was the development of high-pressure pumps which made it possible to increase water pressure and subsequently cut a wide array of materials.

In the beginning of the 1980ies, mixing in solid particles was the latest innovative step in waterjet technology for the time being. It makes it possible to process virtually all materials with pure or abrasive waterjets. We specialise in exactly these efficient techniques. Put your confidence in the only independent company in our industry and convince yourself of our products. It is not for nothing that our motto is: We are waterjet!

High-pressure pumps


4,000 bar

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4,000 bar

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4,000 bar

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4,000 bar

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4,000 bar

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6,000 bar

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Are you looking for accessories?

With us you will find everything – from abrasive containers to dosing and cutting heads
to high-pressure components and special pipes.

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The advantages of high-tech waterjet technology

No thermally caused change in the cut material

Optimal material use through small cutting gaps

The cut can be started and stopped in the material

Easy handling through low reaction forces

Two-dimensional and areal cutting possible

Direction-independent work possible

Preventive maintenance

As an option, you can connect each one of our high-pressure pumps to the mains and thus have it maintained by us via remote control without any further effort.

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Sustainability included.

Water is one of the most important forces of nature – strong, flexible and unstoppable. This is exactly what the “Green Efficiency” label symbolises: It distinguishes those high-pressure pumps that are particularly energy-efficient. In other words, real “professionals” in waterjet cutting who can significantly increase productivity in your company.

SERVOTRON®, for example, is demonstrably almost 25 % and VECTRON® fully 30 % more efficient in energy consumption than conventional machines. A win for the environment and for increasing the efficiency of your own production.

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