Secure and easy remote maintenance of machines lets you react quickly and straightforwardly to incidents, minimise downtimes and speed up commissioning after failures. This maximises utilisation and overall performance of a machine.


As part of our digitalisation offensive, we provide remote assistance and thus solve problems in the shortest possible time – completely independent of time and location and around the clock. BFT’s remote service allows our service technicians to access the pump’s data and control remotely. This allows making a fault diagnosis and detecting and rectifying incorrect settings. Communication takes place via state-of-the-art video conferencing tools. Maintenance and downtime costs are reduced significantly.


IIoT and Industry 4.0 compatibility (IIoT = Industrial Internet of Things)

Data exchange with BFT pumps takes place independently of an existing company network. A pre-installed 2G/3G modem with SIM card enables smooth communication and complies 100 % with the currently applicable GDPR.

The BFT remote service allows access on three levels:

Remote maintenance via VPN connection: The BFT service technician has access to the pump via secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, completely independent of time and location. Software updates, error analyses and corrections can be carried out immediately and without complications. Your pump is always up to date and ready for use.


Remote maintenance via VNC connection: The BFT service technician has direct remote access to the pump’s user interface via VNC (Virtual Network Computing). This is possible via standard browser on PC, tablet and mobile phone.


Simple alerting via e-mail: If a pump malfunctions, the BFT service technician receives an e-mail, ensuring an immediate response. This minimises downtimes and increases machine availability.


Please contact us for further information on the BFT-Remote-Service!